Originally formed in 1952 to provide support to the industrial development of Qatar, the rapid diversification of the Mohammed H. Al Mana Group led to the formation of individual companies, each specializing in their field of expertise and operating independently, yet collectively comprising the strength of the Group.

The Mohammed H. Al Mana Group embraces a policy of corporate excellence in all aspects of operations, promoting development in the region with a commitment to explore new opportunities on a national and regional level.

From the inception of the Company, we have aimed for success at every level with a clear vision of supporting our principals and providing superior and quality products and services.

To become Qatar’s leading provider of high-quality products and services, that is capable of delivering the best results on time to all our customers as per their needs and requirements. This will be achieved by constant quality improvement through our qualified and experienced professionals.
To demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism in all our businesses and activities to guarantee our customers’ satisfaction, and to be a key player and contributor to the growth and prosperity of the Qatari economy.
Message from Chairman
Hamad Mohammed Hamad Al Mana

Al Mana Group incredible development since 1960 as a major player in Qatar economy reflects the importance of commitment and trust. As Chairman, it is one of my priorities to monitor the productivity of our team members, all while ensuring their comfort and happiness. This being said, I can guarantee that our positioning in the regional market today, took decades of uncompromising commitment to excellence and mutual undoubted trust. These are the two main values that guided us through all obstacles and successes and gave us the confidence to overcome new challenges and benefit from greater opportunities.

Message from CEO
Abdulaziz Mohamed Hamad Al Mana

Amidst the ongoing hustle and bustle, we would like to appreciate where Al Mana Group have come after 60 years of remarkable successes. We have strived since the start to work hard and day after day were able to exceed our expectations and rise from a trading house to a Group comprising a wide array of services and business activities. We honed our strategies and abided by our corporate values to position ourselves as one of the most prominent conglomerates in Qatar, thanks to all our team members’ consistent perseverance, strong will and efforts.